Solmaz Fooladi
Solmaz Fooladi
Solmaz Fooladi is the Ukrainian designer of Iranian origin. She graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and now owns the Solmaz Primavera Studio. She works in the Persian modernism style, combining the luxury and symbols of ancient civilizations with modern architectural trends and technologies. Not limiting herself with any architectural style in the creation of objects, Solmaz, however, prefers loft- industrial style. She also knows how to make dead things alive, collecting stuff from Soviet time, rusty metal, old wooden pieces and turning them into completely genuine work of art. In her projects that more than 50! She also uses such materials as concrete, glass, fixtures, oxidized metal. Meanwhile, Solmaz is not divorced from her roots, filling the space with warmth and colors of the East. Flame and dignity of Persian Sun, abundance of the Babylon gardens, the colorful riot of Oriental rugs are organically used in Solmaz Fooladi’s solutions with unexpected combinations of elements. Reinterpretation of what has become classic, giving the second life to seemingly unnecessary and forgotten subjects are Solmaz’s works major trends in the past few years.

-Solmaz Fooladi  that stay Member of the society of British and international design @the.sbid (International Design Awards) 2019!
-Solmaz Fooladi is on the NM House™ cover 2018!NM House™ is a unique space for those who are interested at architecture, design and those who just live it every single day.  
-Ukrainian annual architectural competition “The Interior of the Year” 2017, Modern Private House Interior nomination for “House of the Sun” interior.
-Silver prize     winner of the Italian A’Design award 2017 for the Egg Chair of Concrete.
-Italian Designer Ranking list for “The Best Designers of the World”.
-International Design and Design Award by Marc Praquin (France) nomination.
-Participated Egg Chair of Concrete in an exhibition @World trade Gallery  in Manhattan April 2018.
- Participated Egg Chair of Concrete in an exhibition @nhow Milano “wemen” November 2018.
-Winner of the 2015 rankings THE PEOPLE online magazine "5 Ukrainian architects and designers who can be trusted with their own home."
-Winner of the "10 best designers of Ukraine 2010” competition, "West meets East" (magazine "ARHIDEYA" with Oriental Deco), NUAU "Interior of the Year 2012" (second prize).


The main activities of The Solmaz Primavera studio:

- Development of architectural and design solutions for private and public spaces.
- Object design (filling interiors with furniture, lighting, decoration, prototypes).
- Design of clothing combined with fashion architecture.
Oriental dream
We chose Solmaz Fuladii as one of the designers for the #WowKidsRoom project for the ability to work with various materials and not limit herself to any styles. And we were right! She loved your heroes & created the room - Oriental Dream for them. Real oriental fairy tale.

As the main colours for this nursery, she chose her favourite colours: white, turquoise, sunny yellow. Combined cherry floor, blue headboard, rattan doors, green walls, monkeys and soft pillows with natural materials.

Especially for this room, Solmaz created a bed, the outline of which resembles the famous palace - the Taj Mahal. This bed in oriental stile was created by architect for children 9-15 years old. 

By the way, the sons of Solmaz Fuladi are madness from the nursery and they want to quickly move to it! Indeed, such a bright nursery from Atelier Lilu is impossible to forget and impossible not to love!